Bringing Simple, Practical Needs to People With Cancer

Our team shows light and joy to people dealing with the darkness of cancer

There are many things that have their good sides and bad sides. Cancer isn't one of those - no perks, no silver lining. But that's not what our name is about.

Our nonprofit's founder's best friend, Karen, fought cancer for the second time in six years. Even near the end of her life, she didn't stop smiling when an aunt made her a crocheted hat or a restaurant gave her a free side. She was thankful for all small gifts and random acts of kindness, which she called "Cancer Perks." Cancer didn't take away her joy or hope.

We knew what to name an organization in her honor and memory

That's why we chose our name, Cancer Perks, when we founded this 501c3 non-profit. We're here to provide the little things in life that are really the big things, like:

  • Gas mileage reimbursements for people traveling for radiation treatments
  • Resources for people who need to get their lawns mowed, small bills paid or meals provided
  • Care packages for people going through chemotherapy or radiation at local cancer centers

We also connect people with other important resources, like support groups. To find out more about what we do, contact us today.